If you experience hyperemesis gravidarum or in other words (extreme) morning sickness, you came to the right place!

You probably tried some different (natural) remedies. To find that don’t work at all or a best … give very little relief at best.

Women that experience morning sickness are usually not able, willing, nor even capable of leaving their house to look for a solution, due to feeling so sick. Some might feel so nauseated to the extent of considering terminating their pregnancy. I totally get that you are suffering. This breaks my heart because I know without any doubt I can help you and this suffering is so unnecessary. You can turn this around a 100%.

How I can help you?

I ‘m Danielle and I’m an Intuitive Energy healer and Clinical & Advanced Hypnotherapist and am passionate to help women get rid of their morning sickness, either instantly or within a matter of days. The relief is often so profound that women report to me that they now can enjoy the rest of their pregnancy fully. Not that they couldn’t enjoy their pregnancy before but for many the nausea is very debilitating.


What can you expect from working me?

…Getting rid of the nausea quickly and permanently

…You can stay in the comfort of your home during the session(s).
…There are no side effects and is proven to be a safe method.
…Whether you need 1 or 3 sessions you only pay once. My experience is that within 3 sessions 95% of the women I work with are free from their symptoms. Only with a few women it takes a little more time.
…The treatment comes with a full 100% money back guarantee,
NO cure, NO pay. That’s my promise to you.

How does it work?

The method that I use to help you get rid of the nausea is indeed very elegant, yet very thorough.

We now know that every thought you think and every emotion you experience is recorded by your brain as well as your body (that can be any location). Your mind and body exchange information every second of the day, every moment of your life. From the day you’re born until the day you will die. 
Did you know  that your subconscious can process up to 20 billion bits of information per second, and your conscious mind only 4 Kb per second? The subconscious mind is like a hard drive with huge storage space and remembers everything you ever touched, tasted, and controls your heartbeat, breathing and all of your bodily functions. 

Since the mind and body store this huge and mind boggling record of information from your past, it is very intelligent and knows exactly to the most minute detail what made you sick. Luckily the consciousness of your body also knows exactly what you need to make you well. The subconscious knows it all.

By asking the body what it needs, you can trace the underlying reasons, or the root causes of why it is that you feel sick and what the body needs to get well again. Dr. Bradley Nelson (chiropractor, author, speaker and healer in the field of Energy Psychology) developed a effective system to map and “organize” the questions that needs to be asked to activate the . This system is called the Emotion Code and the Body Code™. For this I use muscle testing or Applied Kinesiology to get these answers. This works is perfect to use over great distance. It’s like an invisible WIFI connecting, although you can’t see it you know it works.

3 session program

free yourself from morning sickness
  • 3 sessions (40 minutes each)
  • Dissolving morning sickness within a few days
  • Take your pick: Sessions are done online (Zoom, that’s free), in person or you receive a report after the session if you’re not able to make it to be present during the session. All works just as well.
Danielle Boitelle

Danielle Boitelle

  • Certified Emotion Code & Body Code practitioner,
  • Clinical & Advanced Hypnotherapist RTT – MPM
  • Intuitive Coach

Money back guarantee

I’m sure that the clearing sessions will get you the results you are looking for.
However, if for some reason you aren’t completely satisfied with getting rid of your Morning Sickness or the clearing sessions, send me an email at and I will return you your money.


The services of (hereafter named MTE) are not a substitute for medical care and consultation. MTE uses supportive and integrative methods that are complementary to treatment by a licensed health care provider. is not providing a diagnostic method, medical treatment, or a cure. Consult your physician for diagnosis and treatment.

MTE does not involve touching the client and services often are preformed long distance. The goal of MTE is to support and activate the innate ability for the mind and body to heal itself.

Danielle Boitelle is not a licensed medical professional. The services to be provided by her are performed according to Dutch law. It’s the intention of MTE to provide healing off the energetic body, therefore experiencing wholeness and wellness.

Please use common sense. If you think you may have a health problem or mental health problem, consult a licensed health professional.

Training and qualifications of Danielle Boitelle:

  • Founder of
  • Certified Emotion Code & Body Code Practitioner taught by Chiropractor, author, speaker and healer in the field of Energy Psychology Dr. Bradley Nelson.
  • Clinical & Advanced Hypnotherapist, RTT – Marisa Peer Method
  • Certified Detoxification Coach